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infrastructure architect – network

Cundinamarca [inc.Bogotá]
10 años
jornada completa
3500 USD mes
hace más de 60 días
Minimum Qualifications:
• Minimum 5-8 years experience working with Cisco technologies and Data Center Networks Design, Set up and/or operations working with SCCM, VMWare and Riverbed..
• Consulting experience or equivalent experience is required
• Solid understanding of network design and implementation in enterprise and ecommerce environments working with Cisco, SCCM, Riverbed and VMWare.
• Comprehension of networking concepts including network design principles, data flow determination, routing, switching, VLANs, IP addressing, spanning-tree, etc.
• Understanding of advanced networking technologies and solutions including IPV6, MPLS, BGP, EIGRP, HSRP, OSPF, multicast, policy-based routing, ether-channel, QoS, traffic-shaping, load balancing, VPN tunnels, WAN Optimization, etc.
• Demonstrated performance in a large-scale enterprise technical work environment with minimum of 5- 8 years of direct industry experience as described above

Preferred Qualifications:
• A BS Degree in EE or CS, or related technical field is required or equivalent

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